Integration platforms

Having a multiple distributed and loosely coupled systems has its pros and cons. Sometimes organization requires a single platform that integrates various systems. CoderyLabs utilizes Liferay for that purpose - thanks to its modular architecture and high customization and extendability it’s a perfect solution.


Intranet consists of various of modules and features, often tailor made for a given organization. There are, however, some features that are universally applicable for many of them. We at CoderyLabs know it from experience, therefore we’re offering standard and customizable elements.

Ready To Use Connectors

Liferay comes with a set of ready to use adapters For the most popular systems like SharePoint, Google Drive and others.

Multiple Data Providers

Integrate and exchange data with external systems via direct DBs connection, web service, REST API, sockets.


Support For multiple SSO solutions such as LDAP, OpenID, Google, OAuth, or using SAML.

User Identity Management

Access policy rules and rich role based permissions management.

High Extendability

LiFeray is highly Flexible and extensible platForm, where new applications can be easily added, deployed and managed on top oF the platForm.

Build-In Apis

Most of the features and data can be accessed via REST APIs.


If you’re wondering what will you gain from Intranet based on Liferay, here are main benefits.

Easy Acquistions And Merges

Makes company ready for future acquisitions from IT and integrations perspective

Convenient For Users

One platform providing data from multiple sources

Cost Savings

More focused data flow as well as support and development


Easy to extend and customize platform with state of the art technology well as support and development

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