Customer platforms

Customers nowadays expect access to information and possibility to manage their subscriptions or purchases on their own. Self-care portals and customer engagement platforms allow them to do so. With slick and modern UI and right features your users may be the best advocates of your products and success reducing your cost on customer support side.


Intranet consists of various of modules and features, often tailor made for a given organization. There are, however, some features that are universally applicable for many of them. We at CoderyLabs know it from experience, therefore we’re offering standard and customizable elements.


Let your consumers ask questions in a natural way to explore the portal and find the answers.

Rich Analytics

Understanding your customers is a key. Flexible and easy to integrate analytics tools are at your disposal.

User Information

Combine different data sources in one place so users can check most important information seamlessly.

Forms Builder

Simple poll, or complex Forms with answer dependent questions. We got you covered.


Make your platform available on web, tablets and mobiles at the same time with a target specific look and feel..

Personalised Experience

Dynamic content depending on the user profile. Your customers will focus on information that fits their needs.


Keep your user up to date with an easy to use and customize newsletter.

Gdpr Compliant

Fully compliant GDPR platform with audit trails and right to forget.

Self-Service Features

Let your customers manage their subscriptions and purchases on their own.


If you’re wondering what will you gain from Intranet based on Liferay, here are main benefits.

Rapid information access

Your staff will always have easy and fast access to most Important company data.

Increased Availability

Access information and manage your account from web, or mobile

Lowered Costs

Save time and money thanks to self-service features


Easy to extend and customize platform with state of the art technology well as support and development

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