Partner portals

Keeping your partners informed and providing them with proper tools to fuel your business is not an easy task. Modern and flexible partners, resellers and agents portal can give your company tremendous boost by keeping proper two-way communication and deliver necessary data and tools. CoderyLabs can help you build state of the art solution to manage your partners network.


Intranet consists of various of modules and features, often tailor made for a given organization. There are, however, some features that are universally applicable for many of them. We at CoderyLabs know it from experience, therefore we’re offering standard and customizable elements.


Interactive information presented in aggregated and clear Form as graphs and tables.

User management

Organize your network into multiple partners, with multiple roles and groups For each of them.

Collaboration Tools

Message boards, blogs, wikis, integration with instant messaging applications makes your network more engaged and vivid.

Knowledge Base

Provide your partners with extensive knowledge base about your products and services. Let them learn and use your knowledge and tools.

Advanced Search

Let users to search Fast and Flexible using multiple Filters and complex queries.

Personalised Content

Dynamic content depending on the user profile. Your partners will access the information that Fits their needs.


Let your partners ask questions in a natural way 1 1 to explore the portal and Find the answers.


Keep your partners up to date with an easy to use and customize newsletter.


If you’re wondering what will you gain from Intranet based on Liferay, here are main benefits.

Robust support for global networks

Your staff will always have easy and fast access to most Important company data.

Everywhere and anytime access

Access information and manage your account from web, or mobile.

Effective Selling

Digital boost for partners or resellers in selling.

Integration platforms

Having a multiple distributed and loosely coupled systems has its pros and cons. Sometimes organization requires a single platform that integrates various systems. CoderyLabs utilizes Liferay for that purpose - thanks to its modular architecture and high customization and extendability it’s a perfect solution.

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