Modern Intranet

Every company wants to make their staff as efficient and productive as possible. Make information flow better, processes streamlined and clear, and instant access to knowledge base. CoderyLabs uses Liferay platform to this come true.


Intranet consists of various of modules and features, often tailor made for a given organization. There are, however, some features that are universally applicable for many of them. We at CoderyLabs know it from experience, therefore we’re offering standard and customizable elements.

Flexible Workflows

Streamline activities thanks to highly customizable workflows.

Social Tools

Let your employees post news, comments, likes, and blog.

Single Sign-On

Use same credentials for you intranet as for your other systems.

Team Spaces

Share most important information, files and activities with your team.

Personal Storage

Let your employees build their own space and library.

Instant Messaging

Integrate your Intranet with most popular chats like Slack or MS Teams.

Advanced Search

Deliver fast and accurate search results in a customizable way.


Navigate through your organisation structure easy and intuitive way.


If you’re wondering what will you gain from Intranet based on Liferay, here are main benefits.

Rapid information access

Your staff will always have easy and fast access to most Important company data.

Increased staff productivity

Thanks to accessible information and process workflows.

Content creation and segmentation

Users create the content in clearly defined scope and area.


Easy to extend and customize platform with state of the art technology well as support and development.


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