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CoderyLabs provides also a range of plug-ins and utility tools that expand Liferay capabilities. Whether it's a small extension, or fully featured module - we always put an effort to make it usable and handy for our clients.


A powerful and handy tool that enables your web portal to be closer to your customers and partners. Create multiple independent subscriptions, manage subscribers, and create various personalized newsletter templates dynamically populated with most recent news

Key features:
  • Managing a number of different independent newsletters (topic sections)
  • Creating mail templates using freemarker language
  • Personalization (user name, user last name, user email, user login variables)
  • Subscribers management
  • Unsubscribe feature and subscriptions management for users
  • Scheduling newsletter send out
  • "Force send now" option that allows admin to reschedule next sending time for "now"
  • Send a test message on an user email address (currently logged in)
  • Preview sending history (simple statistics included)

Storage limiter

The module presents the current space limit usage in both value and percentage form. It also informs the user whether uploaded files are about to extend the limit.
Keep your users and organization storage under control and make sure users know when they reach the limit.

This plugin allows setting maximum limit (in MB) on files loaded to Liferay for the different scopes:
  • Global
  • Site
  • Group
  • User


With this module users are able to mark any document as a favourite and filter favourite documents in Documents and Media. It is an easy yet efficient way to keep the media library organized. Simply star selected document and you will get convenient access to them.

  • Marking document as favourite
  • Searching for favourite document in filter
  • convenient access to favourite documents

Extended Webcontent Selector

This small plugin will enable you to select Web Content within other Web Contents in feature-rich mode, instead of a build-in - non-structured view. Simply use EWS in your web content structures and enjoy easy to search and navigate a way to select Web Content. EWS is irreplaceable during traversing through a large number of articles.

  • Group all available articles in a folder structure
  • Allows to search articles by a given phrase
  • Filter articles by statuses Order articles ascending or descending by title, display date or modify the date

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