About Us

CoderyLabs was founded by group of IT professionals with one common goal - to provide highly specialized service focusing on delivering web solutions based on Liferay platform. Currently we have consultants, architects and developers on board with vast experience and customer- oriented approach. Our core virtues - transparency, agility and engagement - help us to design, implement, roll-out and maintain state-of-the-art portals for our customers putting their needs on first place. Thanks to rich know-how of Liferay (from 6.x CE, to 7 DXP) confirmed by Silver Liferay Partnership combined with Java ecosystem expertise we provide secure, robust, effective, usable and modern solutions.

Our team

Management team consist of co-founders who are also good friends. Everyone of us is different and yet we all share the same passion for providing great digital service for our customers.

Jarosław Marciniak

Managing Director

Skilled manager with rich technical background and almost 15 years of experience in IT. Loves LEGO bricks and cycling.

Wojciech Tutro


Liferay consultant combining business needs with technical capabilities for over 10 years.

Bartłomiej Knabel

Lead Architect

Experienced solution architect, Liferay and Java expert passionate about technology.

How we work

Customer is always at the center of our activities, and we strongly believe that the engagement, flexibility and transparency are the most important values. That's why we work according to agile methodologies using most often Scrum and Kanban for daily activities. It allows us to deliver rapidly results and get the fast feedback and adapt and improve.

Company contact

CoderyLabs Sp. z o.o. S.K.
Kraków, Poland 30-554
Zamknięta 10 st.
NIP: 6793158637
KRS: 0000701444
+48 668-594-571

Contact Us

Are you interested in our solutions? You need consulting regarding Liferay? Don’t be shy and contact us - we’re happy to help